Communal tables and broad windows mark the dining room of the Eamonn’s sequel in Arlington. (Todd Thrasher)

Expected to open for dinner Aug. 13, the combination Irish dining room and watering hole represents the first departure from Alexandria by chef Cathal Armstrong and his partners, heretofore known for their multiple eating and drinking establishments within jogging distance of one another in Old Town.

While the new venue is almost the same size as the original, co-owner and cocktail master Todd Thrasher says its configuration makes it different. Unlike the first Eamonn’s, which is topped off by the speakeasy known as PX, the 70-seat offshoot unfolds on one level; church pews will mark where Bar TNT begins. The cocktail lounge takes its name from Thrasher’s 18-month-old son, Trystan Noah Thrasher.

Recent photographs of the twin ideas reveal communal tables and broad windows in the dining area, and a square, marble-topped bar illuminated by a red chandelier and fronted by see-through metalwork. No matter where patrons sit, they can watch their drinks being shaken and stirred. Intentional graffiti draws attention to the walls.

Thrasher created 15 fresh drinks ($6 to $19) for TNT, which will be watched over by Russell Jones, a former sous chef at Restaurant Eve . Per Thrasher’s style, the names of the concoctions involve back stories. It Doesn’t Remind Me of Anything is a “Tiki-esque” nod to the rock band Audioslave, flavored with multiple rums, grapefruit juice and cinnamon. The Cocktail Left on the Nightstand is inspired by a story from the guitar player Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame, who would routinely go to bed after snuffing out a cigarette in a glass of Jack Daniel’s and Coke — only to knock it back the next morning.

Thrasher is omitting the cigarette in his reinterpretation. To achieve a memorable effect, however, he’s steeping the booze with smoked cedar.

The mixologist is still finessing a drink deemed too hot to handle by the staff. Eventually, though, he hopes to serve the liquid scorcher of pisco, reduced orange juice and both serrano and habanero chilies.