Edan MacQuaid, left, during a 2011 stint at Mike Isabella’s Graffiato. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Posting as “pizza man,” MacQuaid said: “I am sorry to say that my latest attempt at opening a pizzeria has failed. The $ just isn’t there. Not only is this embarrassing for me, it leaves me jobless.”

In a text message, MacQuaid added: “Couldn’t come up with enough capital to open the place and still make the partners feel good about it. Myself included.”

MacQuaid had been making pizzas at U Street’s Local 16 since mid 2011; he was let go on Nov. 17, he said. The lease on the 14th Street space MacQuaid would have overseen belongs to Local 16 ownership.

“I think that maybe he was just keeping me at Local 16 until he got the space up and running,” MacQuaid said later by phone. “I guess I saw it coming. I was a little bit surprised though. There’s no hard feelings.” 

There’s no word yet on what will happen to the space at 1832 14th St. NW. Original plans called for a carpet store on the ground floor, with MacQuaid overseeing up to 70 seats upstairs.

Before Local 16, MacQuaid had stints at Graffiato, Pizzeria Orso, Red Rocks, Ardeo + Bardeo, 2 Amy’s and Pizzeria Paradiso. As for what he’ll do next, MacQuaid said “I like making pizza. It seems like there are a lot of pizzerias.”

(Say, isn’t there a big pizzeria set to open on 14th Street NW in the next few days?)