View Photo Gallery: Going Out Guide asked readers and a handful of local restaurateurs to point the way to the area’s best dishes — but this time, they all had to be meat-free. See a photo of every dish that made the cut, and share your own picks in the comments. Click the bold text in each item for details on the restaurant.

Our recent roundup of the area’s most delicious, decadent vegetarian and vegan dishes was met with a trove of additional ideas from readers, who wondered how we’d managed to leave off such essential eats as the fried “chick’n” sandwich at Everlasting Life.

Everlasting Life, alas, didn’t get a nomination from a reader in time for the story, but it is one of the several great dishes that readers feel would round out our list. Check out what readers also suggested, with options ranging from a vegan French pastry to grilled cheese:


“I must have been out of town when the call for recommendations came. Dama’s (Arlington) vegan napolean (not always available) would have merited a place” -- cgins

“I am amazed that something from Cafe Green or Java Green didn’t get on. I love their nachos, gnocchi, starter platter, and many of their desserts” — Steve Ma
DC metro area is surprisingly good for veggie eats. Though I think you’re missing just a couple here, Everlasting Life on Georgia Ave. for example, they have THE BEST CHICK’N SANDWICH IN DC. And it’s not even real chicken! Also Duccini’s ... If [you] ever get hungry for great vegan pizza at 3 a.m., Duccini’s is the spot! They’re open 24/7 on the weekends. --Latte4Life

Readers also offered feedback during the Going Out Gurus chat:

The Big Cheese is all-vegetarian and makes an AMAZING vegan grilled cheese with pesto.

A recent find for me is the vegetarian soy chicken sandwich at Caphe Banh Mi in Old Town, def worth a try.

If I’m gonna drop $10 on a bowl of noodles, I’d go for the vegetarian ramen (with tofu added) at Toki Underground ANY day.

Have more ideas? Share your veggie favorites in the comments.

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