The Darkest Sour cocktail at American Ice Co.’s monthly Spirits in Black happy hour. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

The GOG pod was abuzz last weekend over the upcoming Halloween installment of the Spirits in Black cocktail night at American Ice Co. And not just because of the scary/pretty heavy metal-themed drinks. No, we’re mildly obsessed with the event’s promo video on Youtube, which hints at all the blazing infernos, carnage and artful cocktails you can expect when “his divine majesty our dark lord”is your host. And, at 55 seconds in the video posted by Rory29, you can see some of the most hilarious cocktail shaking of all time. For the faint of heart: There are some profanities therein, but if you can’t handle a few bad words, perhaps this mildly Satanic good time isn’t for you. Find details about Sunday’s Spirits in Black event here.

Speaking of imbibing, anyone who’s been brave enough to inquire about the price of your cocktail or beer at a D.C. bar knows about sticker shock: This is a town where your vodka soda could run upwards of $10, and even your Natty Boh could clock in at four bucks. But why does it cost $6 to sample one of our new locally brewed beers, which travel just a few miles from brewery to tap? The City Paper explored the question of craft beer pricing in a pretty fascinating story that suggests, while expensive beer lists are helping to fill the gaps in a region that has a much higher cost of doing business, limited release beers may just benefit from what is effectively an “egregious pricing scheme.” [Washington City Paper]

Taste of Georgetown held its first ever Pumpkin Food Fight at last weekend’s festival, asking the neighborhood’s chefs to come up with a new treat that would do the golden gourd right. This week, Metrocurean’s Amanda McClements (who was among the judges, along with our own Tim Carman) writes about the winner, Ryan Fichter of Thunder Burger, who proved the M Street resto can do a lot more than merely grill up alligator. He created a pumpkin hummus, which he served on crunchy bread topped with jamon■. Get the recipe on Metrocurean, and check out more ways to get your pumpkin fix here. [Metrocurean]

And finally, trade magazine Restaurant Management brought together panels of expert judges to look for the country’s best wine, beer and cocktail programs, and when the dust settled, they chose PS7’s as the “Most Innovative Cocktail List.” The judges particularly praised chef Pete Smith and mixologist Gina Chersevani for being “true collaborators” in the program, and were particularly impressed with Chersevani’s 100-calorie cocktail menu. You can taste some of Chersevani’s wonders when she guest bartends at Spirits in Black. [Restaurant Management]