We round up the stories, blog posts, tweets and going-out scuttlebutt that have us talking.

Dominic Monaghan, spotted around Washington this weekend, was allegedly mistaken for a bro at American Ice. Shocking. (Reuters)

The Washington City Paper tackled the subject of why food critics seem to take months to review the restaurant du jour — in this case, Mike Isabella’s Graffiato — while bloggers are declaring a resto incredible en masse after a week. Should critics feed the “public’s vastly increased appetite for scoops on the new spots in town,” or stick to the long-held rule about giving a place time to work out its kinks? Many critics, including the writer of the article and The Post’s Tom Sietsema, are sticking to tradition. [Washington City Paper]

Frozen Tropics notes that Red Palace has started hosting cocktail classes, for those folks striving to move past Adult Chocolate Milk. And, as further proof the music venue/burlesque club is trying to stretch, Tuesday is “bring your own ingredient” night; the mixologist behind the bar will attempt to work whatever you bring into a drink. [Frozen Tropics]

And finally, Eater has news of the first fro-yo casualty, TangySweet, which closed up shop in Dupont Circle even as more Pinkberrys are infiltrating the city. The sour-yogurt slinger remains on busy Seventh Street NW for now, however and owner Aaron Gordon just opened the salad/fast-casual restaurant Rabbit. But of the TangySweet concept, he says: “It’s dead to me.” [Eater]