We round up the stories, blog posts, tweets and going-out scuttlebutt that have us talking.

After a much-buzzed-about visit by first lady Michelle Obama, Shake Shack now lets guests order the Michelle Obama Special: The ShackBurger, chocolate shake, fries and Diet Coke. I don’t think we need to ask whether it’s low-cal, right? (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

DCist caught us up on what’s brewing in the local beer world: DC Brau (my go-to beer of the summer, particularly when it’s $2, as it will be Friday at Chinatown Coffee) will be opening on Saturdays for tours and tastings. And if you believe the gossip, there were even a few six-packs available to take home. Chocolate City Beer, the not-yet-open local brewery, is pledging to have something sip-worthy by D.C. Beer Week next month, and 3 Stars Brewing Co. has pinned down an addy in Northwest, where it will soon open, too. [DCist]

The Rickey got a special recognition as D.C.’s native cocktail this week; a plaque in its honor was unveiled at the J.W. Marriott, on the site where the drink was invented in the 1880s. If you want to get out and try the gin- or bourbon-based drink, now’s your chance; it happens to be Rickey Month. [All We Can Eat from the Washington Post]

Obama Foodarama is reporting that Shake Shack and Eatonville are reporting a “Michelle Obama Effect” — a spike in visitors after the first lady racked up the calories during visits last week. Apparently, you can now order “The Michelle Obama Special” at Shake Shack, and you’ll get a burger, french fries, a shake and a Diet Coke, just like Mrs. O. Afterward, burn off those 1,700 calories just like her, too — doing the Dougie. [Obama Foodarama ]

And falling under the category of things that totally will not cool you off this week: A new food truck miraculously melds two food trends at once and boldly rolls out in the middle of summer ... serving steaming bowls of pho.

D.C., meet DCPhonomenon. [@DCPhonomenon]

Soon, you may be able to stand in line for your Ben’s half-smoke not just on U Street and at the ballpark, but on H Street NE, too. And, err, after a night of partying at the Clarendon Ballroom? Yup, Ben’s is expanding, not unlike its neighbor Busboys and Poets. [Washington City Paper]