We round up the stories, blog posts, tweets and going-out scuttlebutt that have us talking.

The lunch crowd at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in Dupont Circle. Serious Eats took on every possible dish the restaurant serves. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, the new red-curry scented fast casual restaurant in Dupont Circle, is getting some major foodie love, something its sister restaurant Chipotle never did. And the lines have only grown since we covered opening day and then asked the big rhetorical “But is it vegetarian?” question.

Serious Eats scarfed down every possible permutation of dish at ShopHouse and photographed them (and then probably didn’t eat for several days following). The winner of this taste-test? The meatballs, hands down. Check out the photo gallery and reviews here. [Serious Eats]

TBD and WAMU have the news that Montgomery County will be conducting a little research by sending in actors who will pretend to be drunk to see if bartenders will serve them. (Somehow, I can’t stop imagining Lucille Ball shilling for Vitameatavegamin.) The bars won’t be fined if they slip up and serve an actor playing an already over-served bar patron (so confusing!), but the county will use the results as a springboard for a broad discussion. [TBD and WAMU]

It was a weekend packed with festivals, from the kiddie-packed 17th Street Festival to the National Book Festival. And then there was the not-so-welcome Latino celebration Fiesta DC in Mount Pleasant, which, apparently, was fun for a lot of people, but a thorn in the side of some community leaders, according to DCist. Some saw public drunkenness, others complained about shuttered streets and the number of people. Did you go? What did you think? [DCist]

Last week, Bundle discovered that Washingtonians spend a hefty chunk of change on our coffee addictions — only slightly less, in fact, than places such as New York, Seattle and San Francisco (we’re No. 6 on this list). It was a big week for Washington coffee-heads, actually, what with the news of 14th Street caffeine den Mid-City Caffe closing this week, and with our announcement of the winners of our best coffee poll. Check out the results in our Best Coffee Shops guide. [Bundle via Washingtonian]