Serious Eats has no doubt that Good Stuff Eatery attracts crowds, but its burger blogger is wondering why in a stinging indictment, complete with weird hidden-camera-type photos. (James M. Thresher for The Washington Post)

We round up the stories, blog posts, tweets and going-out scuttlebutt that have us talking.

Ouch! J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats visited Capitol Hill’s Good Stuff Eatery on a recent East Coast road trip and found a burger that was “at once quite tasty, and soul-crushingly, maddeningly, frustratingly terrible.” He may have thrown Spike Mendelsohn’s burger place a few bones (“..the toppings were surprisingly good. Crisp, fresh-tasting pickles, a relatively ripe tomato, nicely sliced onion and fresh green leaf lettuce”), but otherwise this is a pretty thorough take-down. It’s a shame, too, because Serious Eats hasn’t been shy with praise for other local burger favorites. [Serious Eats]

Shaw’s Tavern technically wasn’t even open before it got its first ding from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration: It was cited for operating without a license during a soft-opening-esque charity event. The problem, the City Paper notes, is that the ding came while the liquor license application was still pending. Then, Eater reported today that Shaw’s Tavern’s general manager is out. [City Paper]

Just when you thought the sneaker was dead and Toms were so in, the Atlas Performing Arts Center played host this weekend to the latest Sneaker Con , a gathering for sneakerheads to buy, sell and generally drool over what appears to be nothing but Nikes. WTOP captured the shoe porn via what appears to be a terrible cell phone camera. (Note to WTOP, Hipstamatic can help.). Let’s hope they never have one of these for Toms. [WTOP]

 And finally, Standard announced via Twitter that it’s opening on Mondays, just in time for cooler nights. May we just say: #goingoutonweeknightsisthebest. [@StandardDC]