The Gurus round up the blog posts, tweets and going-out scuttlebutt that have us talking this week.

DC Brau, the pride of Bladensburg Road, is now available, oddly, in Belgian beer bars everywhere. (Brandon Skall)

This week, the Going Out Guide launches a linkfest that points you to the best stuff trending around the GOG pod.

The Twitterverse is abuzz with DC Brau, a beer that seemingly came out of nowhere in April and is now popping up on the menus at Brasserie Beck, Marvin, ChurchKey, Dodge City, etc. Made fresh on Bladensburg Road, in the first local brewery in almost 60 years, it’s poised to be the beverage of the summer. [DC Brau]

The City Paper caught up with that cupcake luminary of yesteryear, CakeLove’s Warren Brown, who says he’s not bitter that you can no longer walk a block in Washington without ending up in line for cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake, or Sprinkles, or Crumbs, or ...well, you get the picture. He is the one with six bakery locations, while the competition can claim only two. [City Paper]

Metrocurean discovered that classic cocktails can in fact be worked into the budgets of even fiscally irresponsible shoe-fiend writers such as this one; the Occidental’s weekday happy hour offers one classic drink such as a Pimms Cup for 18 cents with the purchase of foodstuffs. [Metrocurean]

TBD returned from the funfest that was the Sweetlife festival, only to find remorse setting in. Was Sweetgreen's bash at Merriweather Post as green as it deigned to be? One concert-goers claimed it was hard to separate recyclables when it was such "chaos." (She really means "work.") [TBD]
Serious Eats traveled from its usual coverage area of New York to feature a sandwich you can only eat at a gas station in the District. That sandwich is the Chivito. (We also spotlighted it in our recent rundown of Washington's new late-night eats.) [Serious Eats]

In time for bikini season, Express had the word on a new Alexandria gym, Cycle Studio, where a 90-minute workout blends a full spinning class and a full yoga class. Great for those with injuries as well as those with thunder thighs. (Note to self: Go. Soon.) [Express]

After this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, celebrities regrouped not at Café Milano or the Gibson, but at the Passenger, reported The Post’s Dan Zak. “Mad Men” hottie Jon Hamm reportedly ordered his own drink at the bar. Stars really are just like us. Next year, meet ya at Velvet Lounge? [The Washington Post]

In the All We Can Eat Blog, Tim Carman captured the chili-covered murkiness that is the D.C. half-smoke when he asked local chefs competing in Domaso’s Top Dog Half-Smoke Challenge to list what makes a half-smoke a half-smoke. No consensus was reached, but Firefly’s chef took home the prize with a fennel-bacon combo. [All We Can Eat]