“King Curling” will be one of many films at this year’s DC International Film Festival, which opens Thursday night. (Filmfest DC)

It’s time for Filmfest DC. What can we expect this year?

This year’s Filmfest DC (the 26th annual, in fact), focuses on “The Lighter Side” with almost two dozen comedies from countries such as Argentina, Norway, Japan and Italy.

There will also be eight Caribbean-related films and seven films related to social justice issues.

What are some of the highlights?

In the “Lighter Side” category, French film “Holidays by the Sea” looks at off-season vacationers at a beach resort; “King Curling” from Norway tells the tale of a group of serious curlers a la “Rocky”; a disembodied finger in a jar starts pointing and giving solutions to people’s problems in Argentina’s “The Finger.”

For “Caribbean Journeys,” visitors might want to check out “Marley,”a documentary about reggae star Bob Marley. “Better Mus’ Come” is a love story that takes place in Jamaica and is complicated by warring gangs and politics; “Jean Gentil” was forced to leave Haiti for the Dominican Republic, and is searching for a better life.

And “Justice Matters” includes films like “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” which investigates corporate campaigns to fight breast cancer; “Five Broken Cameras,” about Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who documents the struggle as the Israeli army moves in to make room for Jewish colonists; and “Brothers on the Line,” about the Reuther brothers, who were social activists and United Auto Workers union leaders.

What is the opening night feature?

Starbuck,” Ken Scott’s film about a 42-year-old teenager who fathered 533 children, thanks to his sperm donations, will kick off the festival.

Where, when and how can I see the films?

Everything start Thursday night and runs through April 22.

Advance tickets are on sale at 1-888-996-4774, MissionTix.com or the Geothe-Institut. Individual screenings are $11 except opening and closing nights. Tickets can also be purchased at the theaters before the show. Films will screen at the Avalon Theatre, Busboys and Poets, Embassy of France, Geothe-Institut, Landmark’s E Street Cinema, National Gallery of Art, Naval Heritage Center and Regal Gallery Place.

For a full list of films and details, go to www.filmfestdc.org.