Crystal Wallace, Dawn Bauman, Bob Diamond and Dave Jennings eat lunch at the recently renovated 2941 Restaurant (By Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

In last Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine, food critic Tom Sietsema revisited Fiola, upping the downtown Italian restaurant’s stature from a notable two-and-a-half stars to a more commendable three. This week, we are faced with the opposite scenario: After a recent renovation, Falls Church’s 2941 has reopened with a Mediterranean- accented menu. It’s a move our critic finds plagued by miscalculations, knocking the once-starry venue from its three-and-a-half star perch to a still-respectable two stars. Read the review to find out why, and check out Matt McClain’s photos for a look inside the redesigned space.

Some dishes recall 2941’s glory days, including this one: “Cheese raviolini doesn't sound like a last meal request,” Sietsema wrote in his review “but the way [chef Bertrand] Chemel makes it - with cured, clove-scented duck leg - the dish could be.” (Photo by Matt McClain for The Washington Post)

Executive chef Bertrand Chemel poses in the redesigned restaurant. (By Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

Rosy Colorado lamb loin with spicy lamb sausage and spiced honey jus was a hit. (By Matt McClain/For The Washington Post) (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Of this dessert (yes, dessert), Sietsema wrote: “[Pastry chef Caitlin Dysart]’s tender eclair filled with rosemary cream is straight out of a Parisian bakery, and dressed up with juicy roasted pineapple and candied cashews.” (Photo by Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)