District Kitchen in WoodleyPark. (By Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)

District Kitchen, which opened in January in Woodley Park, follows a familiar script: farm-to-table American classics in a warm, exposed brick dining room. You've probably seen it all before, right? Not so fast. Tom Sietsema visited District Kitchen for Sunday’s dining column, and says that while “You might walk into District Kitchen thinking you've already eaten everything it serves, but you're likely to leave the restaurant pleased to be proved wrong.”

Scott Suchman’s photo shoot is more than enough to make one book a reservation.

The daily catch (in this case rockfish), is one of only eight entrees on the menu, but it comes as Tom prefers, “head and tail attached, and bright with lemon and thyme in its seasoning.” (By Scott Suchman/For The Washington Post)

That dining room look a little familiar? Tom thought so too: “With its bare light bulbs and brick walls, the restaurant even dresses like a lot of recent arrivals.” (By Scott Suchman/For The Washington Post)

Chicken a la king, pulled chicken moistened with a roux-thickened sauce and draped on toast with deglazed carrots, is a surprise home-cooking classic found on the menu. (By Scott Suchman/For The Washington Post)

Our critic found a welcoming dining room at District Kitchen: “Smiles abound in the dining room. Part of this is explained by the affable servers, dressed casually in black T-shirts but plenty polished when it comes to rhapsodizing about the menu.” (Photo by Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)

Tom Sietsema’s favorite dish on the menu: “A lusty pork shank propped upright and arranged with tangy sauerkraut and bread dumplings spotted with duck bacon. Caraway and white wine aren't the only reasons the sauerkraut, made with under-appreciated kohlrabi, is so compelling; duck fat, saved from the aforementioned confit, flavors the shredded vegetable, too.” Anyone else hungry? (Photo by Scott Suchman/For The Washington Post)