View Photo Gallery: Chef R.J. Cooper plates pots an early course at Rogue 24.

This week, Tom Sietsema wrote about two exciting restaurants. First, he took a First Bite of an adventurous, nose-to-tail Arlington newcomer, the Green Pig Bistro , where he found pig’s ear tacos, delectable cornbread and “savory rabbit cake, modeled on a crab cake with mayonnaise and mustard and rounded out with carrots (get the wit?) and smoky applesauce.”

For Sunday’s magazine he took on the daunting challenge of R.J. Cooper’s cutting edge Rogue 24 , which is “as much food laboratory as dining room.” Rogue 24 garnered a nice two-and-a-half star rating, with Tom noting that your enjoyment will depend on lot on “your sense of adventure, your patience and your credit card balance - and whether you think dinner should be a science class, a celebration or a break from home cooking.”

See photos from Tom’s reviews in the gallery at the top of this post, and follow him on Twitter: @tomsietsema.