Ballpark food you don’t need to wait two innings for. (Justin Rude/The Washington Post)

This means that the lines at your favorite food and beer stands are going to be even longer than normal. And with the team zeroing in on its first-ever playoff appearance, that is the new normal.

Does it really make sense to spend a full inning or two for Shake Shack? This is pennant race baseball now, people; the days of waiting in line through innings four and five of a meaningless August game — a Nationals Park tradition in seasons past — are mercifully over.

There are four Ben’s Chili Bowl, three Flippin’ Pizza and three Hard Times Cafe stands, and they serve wonderful piles of carb-loaded ballpark food and beer. If you want to eat well and see most of the game (a revolutionary concept, I know), those are your best bets. And who knows: If enough people heed this advice, maybe there won’t be any line at Shake Shack.

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