As a rule, Tuesday is not the biggest party night of the week, but that’s why DJs Chris Nitti and Matt “Mr. Bonkerz” Lipsit chose it for their Lost and Sound parties at Velvet Lounge. “You get people who are there specifically for the music and the vibe. We wanted to start a weeknight party to play all the strange and wonderful music we love without compromise.”

That “strange and wonderful music” is some of the deepest, most progressive house and nu disco in the city: sets of lush, bass-filled dance music that’s funky and experimental, grooving and forward-looking.

Nitti and Lipsit are some of the DJs who blog on, a site that grew out of DJ Will Eastman’s monthly Bliss party at U Street Music Hall. Since they spend so much of their time pointing people towards exciting new sounds, the natural outgrowth was a new, yet low-key, Bliss-related dance night.

“It’s a venue for all of us Blisspop contributors to play out the music we’ve been showcasing on the blog,” Nitti says, including fellow DJs (and regular guests) Morgan “Lxsx Frxnk” Tepper, DJ Space Agent and Eastman.

Because it’s not mainstream club music -- and because it’s Tuesday -- hosting Lost and Sound at Velvet’s dark, cozy little bar makes more sense than spinning at, say, U Street Music Hall. There’s no cover charge, and the music starts at 9:30 every Tuesday.

“You only need about 20 people to make it feel like a legit night,” explains Nitti, though recent nights have seen more crowds than that. “There’s no pressure to get people dancing on a Tuesday.”