Frankie Rose is one of eight acts performing at Artisphere this weekend. (Lauren Bilanko)


Stevie Jackson

Jackson is a guitarist and “secondary” songwriter for Belle & Sebastian, one of indie pop’s true crossover acts. Among his best compositions for the group is “Chickfactor,” from 1998 album “The Boy With the Arab Strap,” a song written in tribute to the fanzine.

Frankie Rose

A (relative) newcomer carrying on the traditions of the classic sound championed by Chickfactor. She used to play in Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts, but new album “Interstellar” (out on Slumberland Records, run by Black Tambourine’s Mike Schulman) is the best album from that entire axis of acts.


Simple, unadorned pop songs that avoid twee or cloying cliches that can drag down many of its similarly sounding peers.

Dot Dash

Terry Banks — whose former bands list reads like a roll call of D.C.’s finest indie-pop acts — leads this new group that continues his long winning streak. In a November review of the band’s debut album, “Spark>flame>ember>ash,” Mark Jenkins says that Banks is “still an exuberant melodist with a thing for ’80s British indie-pop” and “there's not a clunker among these 14 songs.”


Black Tambourine

Despite releasing only 10 songs and playing only roughly that many shows during its brief existence, the local group became a key reference point for a host of bands looking to find the perfect noise-pop formula.

The Lilys

Ranking just below Black Tambourine’s reunion in terms of noteworthiness is this rare performance by the group led by psych-pop standout Kurt Heasley. He’s amassed an impressive and deep catalogue of songs that are dreamy, driving and raucous.  

Fan Modine

Maybe the most random of the weekend’s eight acts. Gordon Zacharias has released just three albums over 15 years while helming this band, and it feels like each long absence is due to his studying every deep corner of elegant pop songcraft.


This local group played a loud and swirling brand of shoegaze in the ’90s and reunited in 2006 with its volume and intensity still in tact.