"Son of Babylon" screens for free as part of Thursday’s "Film Forward." (Film Forward)


Moments of Vision

Hear epiphany-themed showtunes at the first cabaret event put on by Apron Theatre Company. This is the first in a year of productions by the group.


Lisa Shaw

Late celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Hear soprano Lisa Shaw sing and tell stories about motherhood, with accompaniment by pianist Tom Wadsworth and backing by Shaw’s students; vocal group the Spectacles; and 12-year-old up-and-comer Eliza-Jane Fogg.


‘Grant Wood: A Life’ reading by R. Tripp Evans

R. Tripp Evans, author and professor of art history at Wheaton College, reads from his book “Grant Wood: A Life,” a biography of the American artist best known for his 1930 painting “American Gothic.” The book just won the Arts Club of Washington’s Marfield Prize for nonfiction arts writing.


Son of Babylon

Ten independent films screen simultaneously in venues around the Mall as part of “Film Forward,” a traveling educational program sponsored by the Sundance Institute and a group of federal arts agencies. Most screenings cost $10, but the National Gallery of Art’s screening of the Iraqi film “Son of Babylon” is free. The film follows a young Kurdish boy and his grandmother searching for their missing father/son in the wake of Saddam Hussein’s fall from power.


Friday evening concert

The Kelly Bell Band kicks off the Yards Park’s Friday evening summer concert series, playing blues infused with hip-hop and funk.


Passport DC

More than 30 embassies representing countries from Trinidad and Tobago to Australia to Nigeria welcome visitors and offer exhibits, performances and more.


Luce Unplugged: Stripmall Ballads

Washington-based contemporary folk group Stripmall Ballads performs after a talk on Edward Mitchell Bannister’s painting “Untitled (moon over a harbor, wharf scene with full moon and masts of boats),” which the band selected for its use of light and dark contrast.