Chris Matthews speaks about his new book at the National Archvies on Tuesday. (Simon & Schuster)

Free this week: Chris Matthews speaks about his new book at the National Archives and holiday concerts and caroling abound.



In Brazil, matuto is slang for country boy. But this group is, in fact, multinational, with musicians from the United States and Brazil. The group’s sound incorporates bluegrass, traditional folkloric Brazilian styles, rock and others.  


Chris Matthews on Jack Kennedy

Broadcast journalist Chris Matthews recently put out a book about President John F. Kennedy, and he appears at the National Archives to discuss his work and his passion for studying this enigmatic politician.  


Smithsonian Encore Chorale

Wondering where to hear some of your favorite holiday tunes? Don’t miss this free show at the National Museum of the American Indian, where the Smithsonian Encore Chorale performs seasonal selections such as “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and “Hallelujah Chorus.” 


Lox & Vodka

Had enough of “Jingle Bells” for one year? Head to the U.S. Botanic Garden for a show by Lox & Vodka, a klezmer ensemble that will have you dancing in no time.


Last chance: Hong Seon Jang’s ‘Sugar High’

Friday is the closing day for Hong Seon Jang’s show “Sugar High,” a series of mixed-media installations that take everyday, mass-produced items such as bottle caps or aluminum foil and turn them into depictions of natural phenomena. 


Caroling at the National Gallery of Art

More holiday music, we know. But Christmastime in Washington doesn’t get much more classic than high school carolers singing at the National Gallery of Art. Carolers from Annapolis Area Christian School perform Saturday, and the Central Bucks High School West Chamber Choir of Pennsylvania performs Sunday. 


U.S. Army Blues Band plays Duke Ellington’s “Nutcracker”

For those looking for jazzier holiday fare, the U.S. Army Blues Band plays Duke Ellington’s take on Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker,” along with other bluesy holiday tunes.