The Reef’s frozen pickleback cocktail is served in a plastic mason jar. (Fritz Hahn/The Post)

The hipster pickleback shot — a shot of whiskey chased by a shot of chilled pickle juice — becomes a novelty frozen drink that tastes of Jameson and dill pickles. It’s more refreshing than it sounds. The classic black Russian becomes a rich, intensely coffee-flavored concoction with Van Gogh espresso vodka and Kahlua. (Honestly, it could be a new frozen Starbucks drink and you’d never know the difference.) He also can whip up an orange crush (orange vodka, orange juice, soda) or a fruity tiki-style cocktail with peach Ciroc vodka and sweet red juice. The black Russian is the winner of the lot, and all drinks costs between $6 and $9, depending on ingredients.

Because of weekend crowds, Larson pulls out the blender only on Thursday nights — a good reason to start the weekend a little early.