Gina Chersevani is known for treating bars like a kitchen. (Bill O’Leary/The Post)

Chersevani is moving forward with a new cocktail project on Capitol Hill, an idea she’d developed with Smith. I’ll have much more about her plans soon, so watch this space.

How do you replace a bartender with a cult-level following? Smith tells Eater that he’s looking into hosting guest mixologists, including Derek Brown of the Columbia Room and former PS 7’s bartender Frank Jones, who left last year to take shifts at the Gibson’s Cocktail Sessions and at Jack Rose.

Update: Derek Brown has since written to Eater (and to me) saying that Eater’s original blog post "mischaracterized” any involvement he might have at PS 7’s. His e-mail: “While I have a very good relationship with both Gina and Peter Smith, I have no intention of consulting at PS 7’s. I wish them both well and I think they both have amazing restaurant and bar program there and at anything they do. I’m really proud of them, but I’m not involved with any replacement of Gina in any way.”