Today marks the start of Lent, and if you're observant, it's the day that you're giving up something you enjoy for the next 40 days. For many folks, that treasured substance will be meat. (At least on Fridays.)

Time to get acquainted with Washington's fine vegetarian options.

Yes, you may have to go weeks without the Doughnut Stuffed With Chicken, Drizzled in Maple and Sprinkled with Bacon. But Good Stuff Eatery's "Vegetarians are People Too 'Shroom Burger" -- stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese, coated in panko bread crumbs and flash-fried -- could easily challenge its artery-clogging glory. It's so good, it made the cut for our brand-new list of Best Bets for Veggie Burgers.

And be sure to memorize our list of the area's vegetarian-friendly restaurants, check out a bar that's serving vegetarian and vegan-friendly bar food, and maybe even indulge in a high-end multi-course meal that is rich, delicious, and meat-free.