Heading out to see The Boss? Here’s what you need to know. (Lluis Gene/Getty Images)

• If possible, take Metro. A few expensive parking options will be available. But because the concert is on a Friday night, you needn’t worry about Metro service ending before the show is over, even if Bruce stretches things out to four hours. Navy Yard on the Green Line is the stop for Nationals Park; remember when you leave the ballpark that there are two entrances to the station.

• If you have seats on the field, enter through the home plate gate, not the center field gate. Unlike many Springsteen shows, this concert will not be a 360-degree experience. The Boss and the E Street Band will play on a stage in center field, with seats occupied foul pole to foul pole.

• Concession stands will be open and plentiful. “Everything and more, like we would for a sold-out game,” says Catherine Silver, vice president of guest services at Nationals Park. There also will be food and drink available for fans with seats on the field. (There will be bathrooms, too.)

• Restrictions on what you can and can’t bring into the stadium are the same as for any baseball game. No glass bottles, but your homemade “PROVE IT ALL NIGHT” request sign will be allowed.

• Rain or shine, the show will go on. Well, it’s an evening concert, so don’t expect much shine. But if the skies open, don’t look for the grounds crew to roll the tarp out. If anything, bad weather could make the show more memorable.

• Budget extra time. Regular concertgoers will expect the show to start later than the listed 7:30 p.m., but you should prepare for everything else to take a little extra time, too. This includes walking from Metro to the stadium, getting into the stadium, finding your seat, buying a beer and using the restroom. There will be 39,000 people at the show, and Nationals Park will be crowded. Don’t miss a few songs because you left 15 minutes too late.

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