To Gaga or not to Gaga? Great costumes were the topic of conversation in this week’s Got Plans chat, and our experts said we should expect not pop stars, but vampires, a la “True Blood.” (Evy Mages For The Washington Post)

If you missed it, here are some of the best Halloween-related questions we got in this marathon chat.

Q. Are there any Halloween events that would be good fora date? (Before you ask, I don’t know what our respective costumes will be.)

Fritz Hahn: I’ll put this out there: I don’t think that Halloween is the best holiday for a date, especially an early date... Now, Halloween can be a great time for singles to meet someone, since your costume basically stands in for your opening line.

Okay, enough doom and gloom. My ideal Halloween weekend date would be a trip out to the DC Brau brewery tomorrow night for a screening of “Shaun of the Dead.” Special beers, dogs and jerky from the Red Apron Butchery, one of the greatest zombie films of all time -- sounds like a winner to me.

Q: My boyfriend and I are considering being a magician and his white rabbit for a Halloween party Saturday night, but it’s taken us so long to even get to a decent idea that we’re running out of time for prep. Ideas for how to pull this one off with wardrobe basics? We could hit up a costume store in Georgetown or Arlington if absolutely necessary for details....

Kendra Rai and Sandy Sandy Smoker Duraes, Backstage Inc., costume shop: Great idea. You can get the black cape, top hat and wand from a Halloween store like Backstage.

A cape is also very easly made. If you have a black skirt at home or black sheets, those can easily have a tie safety-pinned on. A dowel rod painted black with a white tip would work for the wand, but a top hat is better bought. The white rabbit-ear headband and the tail would be very easy to find at any costume shop. As for the main outfit for the bunny, how about a hot little white dress from any store that looks great with white tights, white heels and your favorite jewlery. Some pink lipstick can be used for the tip of the nose in a triangle and some brown or black eye pencil can be used to draw on some whiskers. Here again, go with what you got and just grab accessories from your local costume shop.

An extra little tip from Sandy: Some people like the bunny to be in a black leotard and fishnets, but that seems more Playboy bunny to me. And not all people feel good wearing a leotard all night.

Q: Looking for advice for pair of late 30-something couples. I’ve aged out of the bar crawl, monster bash scene, but I still want to celebrate Halloween this weekend. Can you give your opinion on some of the other more seemingly adult activities such as events held at the Newseum or Crime Museum? Thanks.

Fritz Hahn: A Night at the Newseum IV is going to be a young crowd, because it’s 18-and-over. Most of the Brightest Young Things events generally are. ChurchKey is doing two nights of Halloween-themed beer tastings, including the Costume Bash on Saturday. The Passenger is having a toga party (seriously). And if you still want the big-party atmosphere, I always feel like the annual Things to Do party at the Hard Rock Cafe skews mid-30s to 40s.

Q: For last-minute costume ideas, which do you prefer, thrift store or one of the Halloween shops? One seemingly requires more creativity while the other is more selecting based on price and want.

Kendra Rai and Sandy Sandy Smoker Duraes: I think when you are so last minute, the best bet is a Halloween shop first, so you can look at a lot of costumes, and start those creative juices flowing. As for the creativity between a costume shop and a thrift store, I think both are creative and can be used together to make your look.

Editor’s note: For all our dear procrastinators, if you want some advice from the pros in person, Kendra and Sandy are both burning the midnight oil at Backstage Inc. in Capitol Hill -- but Sandy says the stuff is flying off the shelves today, so go ASAP.

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