Haven’t seen "The Descendants," with George Cloone and Shailene Woodley? Critic Ann Hornaday thinks it could snag a statue at this weekend’s Oscars. Join us Thursday at 1 p.m. to chat about the film and where to catch it. (Merie Wallace/AP Photo/Fox Searchlight Films)

The Gurus are bringing in guest Guru Ann Hornaday, Post movie critic, to help field your Oscars-related questions. Go on, ask her which movies you should definitely catch before Sunday, and which ones you you’re better off watching when they hit cable. Just submit your questions early here.

With ten movies vying for Best Picture, we thought we’d give you the quick take on some of Ann’s four-star faves, based on her reviews. Then, watch some trailers and catch Ann and resident Celebritologist Jen Chaney predicting the winners in this cool feature.

Check out the rest here, with more reviews and where to see Oscar-nominated films.

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