It has been rumored that the filling of Bayou Bakery’s grilled pimento cheese sandwich is, coincidentally, the stuff that dreams are made of. (Bayou Bakery)

Now, I’m a guy who likes outre cheeses on his grilled cheese sandwiches just as much as I like bubbling Kraft American, though I always award bonus points for texture; I think that waxy, smoked halloumi cheese sandwiches are top of the line. But the grilled pimento cheese spread from Bayou takes the idea of texture and heads in the opposite direction: It’s creamy and cool rather than stringy and molten; the contrast between the hot, buttery toast and the almost custard-like consistency of the pimento spread was inspired, in the same irresistible way crisp bacon jumps out at you from between the slices of an untoasted BLT sandwich.

Anyway, the point of writing about grilled cheese today is that the weather, as you may have noticed, calls for comfort food. Here are some places to warm up while the weather pretends that it’s November again:

Ramen: Ren’s Ramen in Wheaton; Toki Underground; the People’s Noodle Bar (open from 5 to 9:30 p.m. daily inside Senor Chicken).

Macaroni and cheese: Our best mac and cheese Editors’ Picks list includes Cheesetique, CapMac, The Passenger and Levi’s Port Cafe.

Gumbo : Bowls of the hearty New Orleans favorite can warm you up at Acadiana, Louisiana Kitchen and Johnny’s Half Shell.