The Dance Party is among the local bands performing at a farewell show for Gold Leaf Studios, one of D.C.’s coolest arts spaces. (Michelle Musikantow 2010

Starting Monday

Restaurant Week

The massive annual promotion returns, as over 200 dining rooms across the area offer $20.12 fixed price lunches and $35.12 dinners through Dec. 15.


Music writing, explained

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross and music scholar/author Daphne Carr discuss the new anthology “Best Music Writing of 2011,” which they both edited, at Politics and Prose.


The voice of Vader

Having a voice like James Earl Jones gives an actor something no academy or method coach can teach: endless gravitas. The voice of Darth Vader joins Shakespeare Theatre’s Artistic Director Michael Kahn to discuss his career on screen and on stage at 8 p.m.

Laugh till you cry

Faction of Fools’ 70-minute Commedia dell’Arte rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” adds a heavy dose of slapstick humor to Shakespeare’s tragedy.


From East London to U Street

Get ready for transatlantic dance floor awesomeness: D.C. DJ supergroup Volta Bureau hosts trendsetting London electro/indie/synthpop DJ Rory Phillips.


Goodbye, Gold Leaf

One of the last shows at D.C.’s most happening art space features a stacked lineup of local bands — Publicist, Edie Sedgwick, the Dance Party, Alex, the State Department — that will make it a party to remember.