ChurchKey is always a good option for those looking to hit up a “beer bar.” (Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post)

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Washington, D.C.: Here's a question I bet you've never heard before: My girlfriend's parents are coming to town this weekend. (We've met before.) Girlfriend and her mom are having a "Girl Day" on Sunday, going to the spa and so on. Which leaves me with her dad. I've been told he'd like to go somewhere where we can watch football, which is fine with me, but he also wants to go to a "beer bar" where he can try some beers that they don't get in their mid-west city. I like Churchkey and Beck, but are they good for watching some Sunday football? A place where there is good food wouldn't hurt either. Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: This is a good question, and yes, it's a first for me, at least. ChurchKey has four flatscreen TVs, and it's actually easier to get a seat on a weekend afternoon than a weeknight. If he wants to watch a particular game, though, it may not be the best place. You could try Meridian Pint, which has 10 flatscreen TVs in the basement and a great list of 25 draft beers. I was at the Black Squirrel on a recent Sunday, and they have a solid beer lineup and a decent number of TVs, and the bartenders were good about asking if there was a certain game we wanted to watch.

Crafty Bastards: Hi, GOGs! What can you tell me about Crafty Bastards? How early should I plan to get there to get the good crafts??

Stephanie Merry: The earlier you can get to Crafty Bastards, the better. In fact, a couple years I showed up a little early and most of the vendors were already set up and ready to sell.

Vegan: I have a friend in town who is vegan, which makes going out to eat kind of difficult. Do you have any recommendations for a Friday lunch where both vegans and meat/cheese can eat in harmony? No vegan/raw-only restaurants, please, I beg of you. Bonus for non-Asian places, since it seems like we always end up eating Asian food.

Stephanie Merry: I would start with Lavanya's amazing list of vegan and veggie-friendly restaurants. Yes, some of them are all-veg places, but a bunch of them -- Sundevich, Masala Art, Ethiopic-- cater to omnivores, as well. My go-to for this would probably be Sticky Rice. And while it's Asian fare, they have tater tots, so it's not your typical Japanese restaurant.

Flying Solo: My GF will be out of town this weekend leaving me to my own devices. I'm trying to do/see things that I like, but she doesn't care for. I am thinking something photography, aviation, or military history related? (To give you an idea, last time I walked around Arlington Cemetery and took pics; I've also been out the the College Park Aviation Museum.) Anything along these lines you would suggest?

Amy Orndorff: A hike in the Manassas National Battlefield or a trip to the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center should definitely be on your list. And if you are on the other side of the river, consider visiting Fort Washington, which has lovely views of the Potomac River.