A sketch of the forthcoming second location of Ted's Bulletin. (Courtesy Matchbox Food Group)

Co-owner Drew Kim is searching for a pastry chef to helm the expanded bakery. “I’ve been on a three-week search,” he says, “but I’m getting close. I think next week I’ll pull the trigger.” The bakery, Kim says, “will do more of what we’re currently doing on Barracks Row but bigger. So that means more pop tart flavors and other pastries. We’re really trying to bring nostalgia to the neighborhood, and that will mean more of the sweet treats people grew up with. Things like oatmeal cream pies, snowballs, Twinkies. But made in house.” In other words, it will be a lot like the Ted’s you know and love, but twice as large. Kim also suggested that the bakery could be used to support a larger dessert menu at the new Matchbox, which is scheduled to open in the coming months across 14th Street from where Ted’s will be.

It’s all part of quite a busy year for the restaurant group. In addition to the new 14th Street Matchbox, another location will be opening in the fall in Virginia at the new Mosaic complex in Merrifield. The 31-acre mixed residential and commercial complex has also attracted a Taylor Gourmet, Sweetgreen, Red Apron Butchery, Pete’s New Haven Apizza and a new concept from Jeff Black. “We’re opening there with all our friends,” Kim says. “It’s going to be cool.”

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For his dining column in Sunday’s Post Magazine, food critic Tom Sietsema revisited Fiola, chef Fabio Trabocchi’s downtown Italian fine dining restaurant, a mere eight months after his first visit. The very positive review bumps Fiola up from 2.5 to 3 stars, and praises how the restaurant has matured since its opening.

Eight months seemed like an awfully short turnaround, so we asked Tom if there was anything behind the quick return. “With few exceptions (the fall dining guide comes to mind), I tend not to re-review restaurants in less than a year,” he said in an email shortly before heading out for a much-earned vacation. “But the fresh buzz surrounding Fiola — and the happy changes I observed since my original July 10 critique — prompted me to re-evaluate the Italian dining room from chef Fabio Trabocchi for the March 18 issue of the Post Magazine.”


Well, that was quick. After striking their colors in February and handing the bar’s over to Jon Taffer of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” program, Piratz Tavern is back out on the water. Turns out the crew didn’t take kindly to Taffer’s Corporate Bar and Grill’s rebranding, and a mutiny was at hand. As Tim Carman reports, the makeover has been keelhauled, and you can once again don your eyepatch, hoist the jolly Roger and order a strong grog in Silver Spring.


What makes a great restaurant? For Woodberry Kitchen’s star chef, Spike Gjerde, it all starts with the growers. David Hagerdorn’s profile of the chef in yesterday’s Food section reveals a cook who is obsessed with local products, an obsession that makes the Baltimore restaurant a true dining destination.


The warm weather of late has had us digging up every last excuse to get out of the office, and around lunchtime, that means food trucks. Browse our recently compiled food truck gallery to plan your lunch outing.