View Photo Gallery: ‘Rags to riches’ is shorthand to describe J.K. Rowling’s journey from a humble childhood and surviving as a single mother to billionaire and author of a highly anticipated adult novel. Here are a few stops along the way.

For better or worse, there probably won’t be any Dumbledore lookalikes lined up outside Barnes & Noble tonight awaiting J.K. Rowling’s next book, which hits stores Thursday. The Harry Potter creator has veered from her world of kid-friendly magic for “The Casual Vacancy,” a novel about the sordid business of a local election in smalltown England.

Those curious about how “Vacancy” stacks up to Rowling’s beloved fantasy series can check out the review tomorrow in the paper and on the site. And for those rabid fans who feel somehow betrayed by the author’s foray into more realistic stories, take heart: Rowling says she’s done writing about Potter, but she would certainly consider writing once again about the magical universe of Hogwart’s, quidditch and invisibility cloaks.

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