Singer Carolyn Malachi has a new video and performs for free on Wednesday. (Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

- Carolyn Malachi, the Grammy-nominated R&B singer who closed out this summer’s free Going Out Guide concert series at Carter Barron Amphitheatre, has a new video out for her song “Beautiful Dreamer.” It’s a video fitting for a song with such a positive title. You can also see Malachi perform for free today at noon at Woodrow Wilson Plaza.

- Deleted Scenes is one of D.C.’s best and hardest working bands. The quartet is spending September zig-zagging the country in support of its excellent sophomore album, “Young People’s Church of the Air,” out now on Sockets Records. (As you read this the band is probably staring at some flat landscape on a drive from Denton, Tex., to Kansas City.) Here’s a fun video of the band performing “Bedbedbedbedbed” in Omaha. The band’s next local show is Oct. 9 at DC9; look for a profile in the Weekend section that Friday.

- Remember “The National Mall,” the location-specific album by local experimental-electronic duo Bluebrain? Local rap producer Oddisee’s “Rock Creek Park” doesn’t use the technology of Bluebrain’s app-album but is a more traditional soundtrack to a specific location. Inspired by local ‘70s funk act the Blackbyrds, the album is Oddisee’s tribute to the local park. With songs such as “Clara Barton,” “Beach Dr.” and “The Carter Barron” it’s possible to time your journey to hear each instrumental song — all breezy, lushly produced and sweetly soulful — as you get near its namesake. Stream the entire album here.

- Cricket Cemetery is an upstart local label that’s staying very busy these days. The roster of bands is pleasantly diverse, from hardcore ragers Lions and Tigers and Whales to Baltimore bubblegum pop band the Bam Bams to avant-experimental duo Janel and Anthony. One release certainly worth checking out is “Demon Station,” the new EP by locals More Humans. It’s rock music with a sense of purpose and precision, songs that can be both jolting and pretty. And it sounds fantastic thanks to the production of Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark. It’s officially released next month but available for pre-order and streaming on the band’s Web site.