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And the only place you can see it this week: Landmark’s Bethesda Row Cinema. Great theater, vibrant area, plenty of pre- and post-film food and drink options. Almost no parking.

Downtown Bethesda, it goes without saying, is extremely crowded on weekends that don’t coincide with the single-theater opening of a blockbuster film. You’ve got your Apple store, and your Lululemon and your Georgetown Cupcake drawing suburban throngs.

Making matters worse, however, is the big surface parking lot that likely existed the last time you were there, at the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda avenues, is not a parking lot any longer; it’s a construction site.

In short, you’ll finish “Team of Rivals” faster than you’ll park in Bethesda this weekend. Take Metro. The Bethesda station is less than a 10 minute walk from the theater. Also nearby: Regal Bethesda, where “Skyfall” is playing, making for the best do-it-yourself double feature in recent memory.

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