View Photo Gallery: Traditional holiday foods from miles away or generations ago have found their way into local specialty shops and bakeries and onto our tables. Hungry and homesick? Here’s where to find some unusual seasonal foods.

Springerle. Sufganiyot. Stollen. Struffoli. Smorgasbord.

These are just a few of the treats we’ve tracked down for our Weekend section cover story about holiday foods with international flavor. We’ve talked to chefs and expats from Mexico to Japan about which restaurants and bakeries they rely upon for their traditional holiday dishes from home.

Finding holiday foods from afar in the D.C. area

But certainly, we’ve missed a few, so where do you find the holiday foods you’re most homesick for? Whether they’re from far abroad or just across the country (New Orleans’ heavenly hash, for example, makes an appearance in our story), we’d like to hear about the unusual holiday treats you’ve found, or are seeking. Tell us in the comments below. Childhood stories welcome.