(Courtesy Luke's Lobster)

Starting Thursday, you can order a grilled lobster and gruyere sandwich from Luke’s Lobster’s winter menu. We’ll take about 20 of those, please.

Apart from the new $12 sandwich, other new additions include broccoli cheddar and butternut squash soup ($7); apple cider ($2); and at the Penn Quarter location, a lineup of all-Maine winter beers, including the Peak Organic winter ale and Shipyard Prelude ale ($5).

But yeah. Lobster grilled cheese. Sure, we’ve already got a restaurant that has a dedicated grilled cheese bar, and a bar that has a grilled cheese menu 17 items long, but Luke’s is the first place we’ve seen a cheese sandwich stuffed with lobster. Think of it as the humble cousin to Scion’s lobster reuben.

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