The display of the David-Apollo by Michelangelo at the National Gallery of Art is the only presentation in the United States of the statue, which is on loan from the Museo Nazionale del Bargelloe. (Bill O'Leary/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Meet David-Apollo, newly on display at the National Gallery and your new celebrity crush! Here are 10 swoon-worthy things you should know about this manly masterpiece:

• He’s by Michelangelo — of the Sistine Chapel ceiling or Ninja Turtle namesake, depending on your perspective.

• He lives in Florence, Italy, and his American tour has only one stop: Here in D.C., to kick off the “Year of Italian Culture” celebration.

• Like Mary-Kate Olsen and Cee-Lo Green, he has two names. That’s because his celeb lookalikes are David, slayer of giants, and also Apollo, pagan sun-god. Since the sculpture was never finished, identifying details for either figure were never clear. Hence the identity crisis.

• But if he had to pick, he’d probably pick sun-god, right? I mean, giant-slaying is cool and everything, but immortality is probably the better choice.

• Hottest feature: His chiseled bod, of course. Least hot feature might be his puny head. It was a characteristic of a new (in the 1500s) style of art called Mannerism. The movement is known for elongated, disproportionate limbs and expressively balanced figures. David-Apollo’s body is twisted unnaturally; historians speculate that he is reaching for an arrow from a quiver on his back. Like Katniss Everdeen! Archery! So hot recently!

• Not only is he good looking, he’s totally into politics. The last time David-Apollo came to America, it was for Harry Truman’s 1949 inaugural reception.

• His reputation was briefly harmed by a sex scandal. China’s CCTV thought he was indecent, and digitized his bits.

• He attributes his unique look to his all-over chisel marks. It’s “as if [Michelangelo] just stepped out for lunch and will soon return. David-Apollo lets us imagine that we are visiting the studio of one of history's greatest artists,” wrote ArtNet’s Victor M. Cassidy.

• He’s still living in the shadow of his dreamboat cousin, David. You’re handsome, too, David-Apollo! Just in a rugged, unfinished way.

• You can swoon over him in person. He’s on display in the West Building at the National Gallery until March 3.