Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough in "Footloose." (Paramount Pictures)

Footloose” (PG-13) “The occasional nip and tuck notwithstanding, director Craig Brewer has delivered a largely unobjectionable note-for-note facsimile of Herbert Ross's ode to teenage rebellion, young love and the unfettered joy of movement.” — Ann Hornaday

Take Shelter” (R) “Taut, unsettling, haunting and powerful, ‘Take Shelter’ stars Michael Shannon in a shattering performance as a man caught up in forces beyond his control.” — Ann Hornaday

The Big Year” (PG) “Take three gifted comic actors, put them in a situation rife with hilarious potential with the guy who directed ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and you get - baited and switched, at least in the case of ‘The Big Year.’” — Ann Hornaday

The Thing” (R) “Here's the thing about the new ‘The Thing.’ It isn't as satisfying as the old ‘The Thing.’ And it's nowhere near as enthralling as the vintage ‘Thing,’ which inspired every other ‘Thing’ to follow.” — Sean O’Connell

The Mill and the Cross” (Unrated) “While CGI is so often used to make imagined scenes look like real life, [director Lech] Majewski uses technology to make real life look fake. Many shots consist of layers that include animation, live acting and a massive two-dimensional replica of Bruegel's painting...” — Stephanie Merry

The Whale” (Unrated) “Clearly this is a movie geared toward theatergoers who believe in animal emotions. But... there's no denying that filmmakers Suzanne Chisholm and Michael Parfit captured spectacular shots of both wildlife and picturesque scenery of evergreen-lined water under vibrant pink sunsets.” — Stephanie Merry

Blackthorn” (R) “‘Blackthorn’ feels less like a proper sequel to ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,’ which it purports to be, than a coattail rider.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life” (Unrated) “A viewer who comes into ‘Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life’ knowing nothing about Serge Gainsbourg will not come out the other side especially enlightened about the late French-Jewish singer-songwriter's life, least of all why it is heroic.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Benda Bilili!” (PG-13) “Although the musicians at the center of the documentary ‘Benda Bilili!’ are skilled, their unlikely rise to success is nothing short of miraculous.” — Stephanie Merry