Ryan Gosling and George Clooney star in “Ides of March.” (Saeed Adyani)

The Ides of March” (R) “Indeed, ‘The Ides of March’ is so well directed and acted that it's easy to overlook how dated and shallow it is; the climactic twist, when it arrives, feels plucked from another political era entirely...” — Ann Hornaday

Thunder Soul” (PG) “Mark Landsman's documentary ‘Thunder Soul’ introduces viewers to a high school band music buffs have known about for years: the Kashmere Stage Band, who in the '70s were, as one interviewee puts it, ‘as good as or better than any funk band in the nation, professional or otherwise.’” — John DeFore

Real Steel” (PG-13) “It's like a Wii game, pro wrestling, ‘The Iron Giant’ and ‘Transformers’ all rolled into one - with just a touch of that Kia commercial with the robots rocking out to music by LMFAO. So who, you might wonder, is this strange hybrid movie's target demographic? The answer: your 11-year-old son.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Way” (PG-13) “Anchored by a career-redefining performance by [writer-director Emilio] Estevez's father, Martin Sheen, ‘The Way’ behaves much like the many hostels and tiny inns that give Camino travelers food and shelter on the road toward Spain: It's modest, warm and welcoming, never insisting on a particular pace or philosophical bent, but always staying open.” — Ann Hornaday

Weekend” (Unrated) “Russell and Glen are, in fact, discovering something, and not just about each other, but about themselves. It's those revelations - a less literal kind of laying bare - that make this ‘Weekend’ one to remember.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu” (Unrated) “A study in pomp, pageantry and the poverty and oppression they belied, ‘The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu’ is brimming with moments of startling irony, chilling candor and even beauty...” — Ann Hornaday

Toast” (Unrated) “Freshly picked veggies aren't the secret ingredient, capable of lifting the film from ho-hum to poignant. Something else is missing, and it can't be found in stores.” — Stephanie Merry

The Human Centipede: Full Sequence” (Unrated) “I just can't believe that that many people will pay to see this film. For those who do, I salute you. I also - and I mean this quite sincerely - pity you.” — Michael O’Sullivan