The fourth installment of “Pirates” reinvigorates the franchise. (Peter Mountain/Disney)

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (PG-13) “‘On Stranger Tides’ feels as fresh and bracingly exhilarating as the day Jack Sparrow first swashed his buckle, infusing new reckless energy into a franchise that shows no signs of furling its sails.” — Ann Hornaday

Incendies” (R) “In the end, the effect of the sinuous, snaking drama — which elegantly traces a timeline stretching from contemporary Quebec to war-torn Lebanon of the 1970s and back — is like a tripwire. It knocks you off your feet and leaves you shaken.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Meek’s Cutoff” (PG) “The director Kelly Reichardt deconstructs, de-mythologizes and thoroughly redefines the American western with ‘Meek’s Cutoff,’ a mesmerizing cinematic journey that is often as arduous and spare as the lives of its hard-bitten protagonists.” — Ann Hornaday

Beautiful Darling” (Unrated) “Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ features a sauntering bass line and these words: ‘Candy came from out on the Island.’ Few listeners knew that Candy was a real person, a sometime laborer (like Reed) at Andy Warhol’s Factory. Director James Rasin’s ‘Beautiful Darling’ fills in the story with grace and sensitivity.” — Mark Jenkins

35 & Ticking” (R) “In some ways, ‘35 and Ticking’ is like ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Four characters lament — and attempt to attain — all they lack... If only the movie had a heart.” — Stephanie Merry

The Robber” (Unrated) “‘The Robber’ is one of the most abstemious thrillers in recent memory. It’s as hard to read as the ever-present blank expression on [Andreas] Lust’s face, which makes Rettenberger look like he’s forever trying to recall some long-forgotten phone number...” — Michael O’Sullivan

The First Grader” (PG-13) “The fact that ‘The First Grader’ — a heartwarming film about a Kenyan farmer who goes to school for the first time at the age of 84 — is based on a true story doesn’t make it more powerful. It just makes it harder to state the obvious. It’s a middle-of-the-road film.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Double Hour” (Unrated) “‘The Double Hour’ draws on classic film noir and such Freudian freakouts as Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo.’ It also recalls 1960s European art films, with their fractured narratives and psychedelic montages. Add the stylish illogic of music videos — Capotondi’s former field — and a pinch of slasher-film menace, and the result is entertainingly disorienting.” — Mark Jenkins

L’Amour Fou” (Unrated) “Considering that the title translates to “crazy love,” the French documentary ‘L’Amour Fou,’ which tells the story of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s rise to fame, feels awfully sedate.” — Stephanie Merry

Hobo With a Shotgun” (Unrated) “First-time filmmaker Jason Eisener has studied the exploitation genre’s dirty tricks, and ‘Hobo’ breathes new life into the demented realm of grindhouse cinema — a world that had grown pretty stale to this point.” — Sean O’Connell