Robert De Niro as Stan and Halle Berry as Aimee in “New Year’s Eve.” (Andrew Schwartz/Warner Bros.)

Still, despite terrible reviews, over a million people did come out to see the all-star cast in “New Year’s Eve,” making it the weekend’s No. 1 movie. For more info and to vote for next week’s box office winners, head to Celebritology.

Here are the top movies of the weekend:

1. “New Year’s Eve” $13.7 million

2. “The Sitter” $10 million

3. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” $7.9 million

4. “The Muppets” $7 million

5. “Arthur Christmas” $6.6 million

6. “Hugo” $6.1 million

7. “The Descendants” $4.4 million

8. “Happy Feet Two” $3.8 million

9. “Jack and Jill” $3.2 million

10. “Immortals” $2.4 million