Aaron Shikler’s portrait of Ronald Reagan ran on the cover of Time magazine’s "Man of the Year" issue in 1980. (Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery)

Ronald Reagan, that’s who. In 1984, the 40th president issued a proclamation urging Americans to set aside one summer month in honor of the frosty treat with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

May I suggest the appropriateness of a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, which on Friday opened “One Life: Ronald Reagan”? You can follow it up by ordering a scoop of the cold stuff, in Ronnie’s honor, from the museum’s Courtyard Cafe (or head to one of our picks for best ice cream).

“One Life”is not a big show; it only takes up a single gallery. But it’s a chance to see more facets of the 40th president than any single picture allows. “One Life: Ronald Reagan” features a publicity image from Reagan’s early movie career, a 1985 Andy Warhol portrait (based on an Arrow shirt ad), a cowboy-themed sculptural caricature by Patrick Oliphant and video excerpts of his most famous speeches.

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Ronald and Nancy Reagan celebrate Reagan’s victory in the 1966 race for California governor at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery Political cartoonist Patrick Oliphant wasn’t always this kind. "Reagan on Horseback" shows Reagan as a cowboy. Courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Often called the “Great Communicator,” Ronald Reagan honed his public speaking skills as a radio announcer in Des Moines, Iowa. (Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery)