Blackbyrd Warehouse's oysterspecial includes a tray of six oysters and a pint of Murphy's Stout for $12. (Fritz Hahn/The Post)

When I stopped by the other night, the oysters-of-the-day were from Shooting Point, an “heirloom” oyster company on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. They’re deliciously briny with a full, slightly sweet body. The tray of oysters arrived with cocktail and mignonette sauce, but really only needed a touch of the latter, especially when chased with saltines. (General Manager Sheldon Scott says that the oysters may change, based on availability, but they’ll always be from Virginia.)

And the other bonus to this new arrangement is Blackbyrd itself. The bar has started booking DJs to spin in the front windows, adding a soundtrack of funk, ‘90s hip-hop and other retro beats to the chill, loungey atmosphere. Lively without being instrusive, it’s the kind of vibe that encourages you to linger — and maybe order up another dozen oysters.