Picking blueberries (and some not-so-blue berries) was one of our favorite responses. Homemade pickles and eating crabs were also highlighted. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

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In addition to great event information, we also often giveaway prizes. On Tuesday we gave away the Grandsons, Jr.’s latest CD and coloring book after picking out a random winner who answered the question, “what is your family’s favorite summer tradition?”

Here were some of the responses that we especially enjoyed as well as tips so you can share them with your family:

• “Our favorite summer tradition is picking blueberries from the bushes in our backyard. My three-year-old just eats them and it’s not clear whether he bothers to choose just the blue ones.”

(Editor’s Note: Nothing growing in your backyard? Try Mackintosh Fruit Farm in Berryville, Green Truck Farm in Markham. or Butler's Orchard in Germantown.)

• “While not glamorous, [our] favorite traditions are grilling in the backyard surrounded by family, friends and neighbors, letting the kids run in the sprinkler, eating popsicles and enjoying the company. [A special highlight is] when the ice cream man comes around and watching all the kids get excited and ask parents for money to get an ice cream.”

(The Post Food section has more than 100 recipes that involve the grill. And if it is ice cream you crave, check out our list of best ice cream.)

• “My family's favorite summer tradition is driving over the Bay Bridge to Harris Crab House, sitting by the window to watch all of the boats go by, eating crabs and their homemade nutty buddies. There is nothing like it in the world!”
(Don’t want to venture over the bridge? Try Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn and Mike's Crab House, two waterfront restaurants in Annapolis that locals swear by.)
• “Strawberry picking is my favorite: the sweet aroma of the field, the rewarding ‘pop’ the berry makes when plucked from its stem, the ‘mmmhh’ from my daughter as she tastes her pickings.”
(Can’t get to a field for strawberries? Stop by an area farmers market.)
• “Our favorite summer tradition is having a traditional picnic lunch on the Mall and then being tourists in our own locale. As Washingtonians, we often forget how lucky we are that we have such access to great museums, memorials, fountains and history (for free, too!) in our own backyard.”
(Our summer arts guide has a list of great exhibits. One you definitely won’t to miss is “The Art of Video Games” at the American Art Museum.)
• “Our favorite summer tradition is buying little cucumbers and making our own pickles.”
(Sorry, you are on your own with that one.)
Looking for more summer fun? Check out our staff’s bucket list.