Doesn’t this slice from the Italian Store make you hungry already? See more mouth-watering pizza photos. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

Who is responsible for this new upper crust of pizzerias? It’s hard not to look at Peter Pastan’s 2 Amys, which opened in 2001 and soon had people lining up on Macomb Street NW for a sit-down with a D.O.C. (that’s Italian legalese for “authentic Neapolitan”) pie. In Friday’s Weekend section, we set out to find the area’s best pizzas, whether new or old, square or round, New York or New Haven style.

Our list of the best pizza

Now’s your chance to vote on them. We categorized the 24 candidates by the pizzeria’s ambiance, but when deciding on your favorite, you should vote based on how good the pizza is, above all else. We’ll compile the results and put them up in a head-to-head poll next week.