Dance music producer and DJ Jesse Tittsworth is one of this year’s Wammie nominees. (Josh Sisk/for The Washington Post)

The Washington Area Music Association’s nominations for its annual awards showcase, the Wammies, could be predictable at times. This year, however, the list has expanded to include the likes of Bluebrain, Oddisee, Tittsworth, Fat Trel, Gods’illa, Office of Future Plans, the Caribbean and Deleted Scenes. Enjoy performances and see who takes home the hardware this Sunday.

Louis CK has shown it’s possible for the joke writers, the guys behind the scenes, to break through in a big way. The former late-night writer has become a star himself with his own sitcom and the stunning success of his comedy special. Neal Brennan, with credentials that include working as Dave Chappelle’s writing partner on “Chappelle’s Show,” could be next.

With things just starting to heat up in the race for the Republican nomination for president, the Newseum is opening up a new exhibit on how the press covers the election cycle called “Every Four Years: Presidential Campaigns and the Press.” Featured items include: A “fireside chat” microphone used by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the “Florida, Florida, Florida” white board used by Tim Russert on the night of the 2000 election and the suit, and flag pin and glasses worn by Tina Fey in her impersonations of Sarah Palin.