Ice pops are on the menu at the new Pleasant Pops space, though they’re hardly the only draw. (Stephanie Merry)

Unveiling a popsicle shop at the onset of fall seems like it could be the result of some questionable business decisions, but the store promises more than frozen treats. In addition to the daily line-up of ice pops (see above for some mouth-watering varieties), Pleasant Pops also offers an enjoyably nutty cup of joe from Ceremony Coffee Roasters, pastries courtesy of Blind Dog Cafe and a short list of lunch options, from spicy peach salad ($6.50) to gazpacho ($3) and a mediterranean sandwich to a PB&J with a layer of Nutella (both $6.50).

Given that Pleasant Pops has become a fixture at local farmers markets, it seems appropriate that the store also offers an array of locally-sourced items. Locavores won’t need to wait for the next farmers market to get their fix of yogurt, milk, pickles, peanuts and eggs.