Caramel and cheddar popcorn — the “Obama Mix” — is based on the combination popularized by Chicago’s famous Garrett’s Popcorn. (Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)

D.C. food trucks can be full of hot air, but none more so than Popped Republic, which roams the streets of Washington dispensing bags of popcorn in flavors usually reserved for those oversized holiday tins.

And while there’s nothing like ripping through a bag of buttered popcorn in a dark movie theater, where nobody can see how ridiculous you look as you ram fistfulls of loose kernels into your mouth, Popped Republic is more civilized than your multiplex tub of salt and buttery topping.

Try the “Obama Mix” — a blend of caramel and cheddar popcorn based on the Chicago Mix sold by the Windy City’s famous Garrett’s Popcorn. (During election season, Popped Republic also served a Romney Mix, a blend of maple and white cheddar flavors. The Obama Mix “won” with 83 percent of the “vote.”)

The poppings can add up. A mini bag of buttered popcorn is just $2, a large bag of milk-chocolate drizzled caramel corn (which, to be fair, is roughly the size of a throw pillow) comes out to $16. Most bags are in the $5 range.

Of course, you can track the truck’s paces on Twitter.