Revelers clamor for free pours of resveratrol juice at Bistrot du Coin’s Beaujolais Nouveau party in 2009. (Courtesy of Bistrot du Coin)

Rob Stein has much more on the study on The Checkup blog.

Now don’t go stocking up on bottles of Three Wishes just yet: You’re better off consuming resveratrol in supplement form because it’s found in such low concentrations in red wine. From Stein: “Someone would have to drink at least about two gallons of red wine a day to get the equivalent amount of resveratrol.”

Two gallons a day, huh? We can tell you where the city’s best wine bars are, but we can’t guarantee they have sufficiently large glassware to accomodate such a pour.

Two gallons is a shade north of 51 glasses of wine at 5 oz. each, which would only cost you a cool $255 at Vinoteca’s daily $5 per glass happy hour. And we’re only only a few weeks away from Beaujolais Nouveau parties, where the resveratrol will be flowing freely at midnight.

On second thought, it’s probably better to just head to the vitamin aisle.

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