View Photo Gallery: Since 2010, inventive new restaurants have opened in Cleveland Park and enlivened the historic neighborhood. Browse through these and more attractions to the Connecticut Avenue strip.

In today’s Weekend section, Cleveland Park joined Adams Morgan, Eastern Market, 14th Street and H Street among the ranks of the D.C. districts we’ve given the Neighborhood Guide treatment.

We took a look at the Connecticut Avenue commercial strip’s most interesting shops, restaurants, green spaces and cultural landmarks. And although we included such local landmarks as the permanently Instagrammed Uptown Theater, the home of the city’s best cheeseburger and one of D.C.’s most effortlessly cool basement bars, we’re already hearing from readers about what we overlooked.

“Chipotle should not be ignored,” wrote reader Steven, who works in the neighborhood. Well, Steven, while I love a good barbacoa burrito as much as the next guy or gal, the purpose of our neighborhood guides is to highlight places that stand out from the crowd, which can’t really be said of a place like Chipotle. Steven also had kind words for Byblos Deli, which didn’t make our list, but did just now make me hungry for shawarma.

Reader Stacey felt we erred in omitting Indique and Sorisso, both fine restaurants in their own right but ones we couldn’t find room for this time around. Our staff decided that for reasons both conceptual and culinary, places like Medium Rare and Palena were better destinations.

Still no complaints about not including Petco, though I have to imagine those are going to flood in at some point. In the meantime, whether you agree or disagree, let us know your thoughts on our Cleveland Park picks in the comments, or tweet us at @goingoutguide.