The Aaron Gordon empire is about to welcome another member, as the local purveyor of frozen yogurt, cupcakes and simple, healthy fare is set to open a neighborhood restaurant and pub on 14th Street NW in the old ACKC space.According to Gordon, the bar will have about 20 beers on tap and include European imports as well as a selection of American craft brews. There will also be wine by the glass and a small list of classic cocktails. Think by-the-books Manhattans rather than exploratory mixology.

The kitchen will produce a tight menu (10-15 items) of chef-driven comfort food classics. Gordon has a well-known area chef in mind to help him build the menu, and though he wasn’t yet ready to announce who it is, he described the menu he hopes to see: “We’ll have a great hamburger and fries, but we’ll also have things like corndogs, pork rinds, fancy popcorn, turnovers, Peruvian beercan chicken and mushroom toast. All with a little bit of a chef-driven twist.”

Gordon hopes to serve up his culinary version of classic Americana at prices that will make it more than an occasional indulgence. “It’s definitely going to be priced with the neighborhood diner in mind. That means below what you are going to see at Stephen Starr’s place or at Pearl Dive.” As Biznow reported, that will also mean a stripped-back, diner-style breakfast. Rather than serving a pricey brunch or big lunch menu, the restaurant plans to offer inexpensive plates of eggs, bacon, potatoes, grits and pancakes designed to be ordered and eaten quickly for the urban commuter.

For the international sports fan, Gordon plans to show American and European soccer behind the bar, especially the English Premiere League matches shown on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The restaurateur himself is an Arsenal Supporter.

The restaurant is as of yet unnamed.