Tiny little fascinator hats were the last word in fashion at the royal wedding watch party at the Ritz-Carlton in the West End. (Photos by Lavanya Ramanathan/The Washington Post)

But her ladies in waiting 3,500 miles away at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington? They preferred hats. Big floppy ones with tulle bows, straw ones plugged with feathers, but most especially that must-have accessory for all the American copy-Kates: the demure, classic fascinator hat.

“I’ve been obsessed with Kate Middleton as a style icon for a while now,” said Jessica Gregg of Washington, who sported a black-and-white feathered fascinator she snagged from Proper Topper.

Hundreds of women — and yes, a few men — rose before dawn to attend the Ritz-Carlton’s sold-out royal wedding watch party that started this morning at 5 a.m. With moody pink lighting, tulip table arrangements, and a buffet that included both cupcakes and English scones and clotted cream, it did feel like a wedding reception, albeit one where the closest guests would get to the bride, groom and Elton John were the giant HD projection screens. But hey, at least no one had to spring for a Dyson for the happy couple. Check out more pictures from the event below.

Some ladies at the Ritz-Carlton drew their inspiration from the Queen Mum, rather than Waity Katie.

The buffet included baked beans, English rashers, scones and clotted cream and more.

More fascinator hats: In front, from Proper Topper; background, from Etsy. The hats were the choice of nearly all of the women close in age to Kate Middleton.

The only weird part of the event: Wedding dresses on display.