View Photo Gallery: Forget the humidity. There’s a heartbreakingly short window to get in all the pool parties, farmers markets, beer gardens and outdoor fun this city provides in the summer — and that’s just the tip of the spiked snow cone. Washington in the summer is a bounty, people. Here are the best ways to spend it.

We noted the rise of the gourmet ice cream sandwich in our recent Guide to the Coolest Summer Ever; now here’s your chance to try one, and get in a little shopping while you’re at it.

Cafe Dupont and Bar Dupont in the Dupont Circle Hotel have been serving up an elaborate house-made version at happy hour “ice cream socials.” It’s a s’mores-inspired treat (pictured above) featuring a slab of Valrhona chocolate ice cream between two thin house-made graham crackers. Piled on top is a small mountain of white-chocolate marshmallows that’s bruleed to mimic that just-shy-of-charred campfire taste.

To truly separate them from the s’mores of your youth, however, the kitchen sends these bad boys with a generous sprinkle of gold leaf. (The price, then, shouldn’t surprise you: They’re $9, but with two large pieces per order, they’re meant for at least two.)

It almost feels wrong to scarf them down like they’re your average Skinny Cow number; better to go at these with a knife and fork — particularly because you wouldn’t want to stain the vintage scarf you just snagged at the Styleliner.

The mobile boutique, a glammed-up former potato chip truck, is traveling the East Coast bringing baubles to the people (think lots of high-end statement pieces, chunky necklaces and rings, hipster footwear). It’s visiting Washington for the first time this month, and you can find it rolling around town through June 17. But every Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. through June 13, it’s parking at the Dupont Circle Hotel for the ice cream social, which continue every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through the summer.